Kimberly Estrada (Actress/Producer)

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Clear Screen

Acting Reel              The Forgotten

Action Reel              Bedtime Story

Hawaii 5-0


Production Stills

Girl Club
An action/drama about the trials and tribulations of a female underground fighter, Maya (played by Kimberly Estrada) and the choices she is forced to make for her and her young son.  See the Girl Club trailer at the top of this page.

"Bedtime Story"

 "Shutup and Shoot"

Kimberly Estrada plays the role of Sherry with Elizabeth Mitchell on the Set of  "LOST"
in the episode "Not in  Portland".

Kimberly Estrada training for a movie on "Packer"

Kimberly Estrada at the Emmy's Red Carpet Lounge

Kimberly Estrada at the "Seal Team VI" Premiere

Kimberly Estrada YRB Magazine Interview

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Kimberly Estrada and her dog Jubei with Marley at
the "Marley & Me" premiere".

Kimberly Estrada and her dog “Jubei”