Roberta E. Bassin - Publicity

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Ray Donovan

Criminal Minds

Revelation Road 2

Grey's Anatomy

Emmy & Golden Globe Winner "Indictment-The McMartin Trial" Actor's Demo Reel

"Barfly" Roberta Bassin as Lilly

Demo Reel



Amelia Earhart "Amelia Earhart in Her Own Words"
written & performed by Roberta E. Bassin

 as Amelia Earhart


News interview with Roberta E. Bassin, aka "Amelia Earhart" historian & performer

 Amelia Earhart, Me & Our Friends by Roberta Ellen Bassin
To order this book go to:

On Set


Roberta playing the role of "Dot", having a great time on set with Liev Schreiber, star of Ray Donovan.
Episode "The Octopus" Season 3, Episode 9.


Criminal Minds

 Criminal Minds


News AM Arizona

 News AM Arizona


Eric Roberts and Roberta E. Bassin play Brother & Sister in
Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire

 News AM Arizona 



Roberta with Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
at the Sheraton Emmy Nominating Party

 Roberta with Bryan Cranston


Roberta with Morgan Freeman at "Living Legends of Aviation",
celebrating Buzz Aldrin's Birthday

 Roberta with Morgan Freeman 

Roberta with Harrison Ford 

 Roberta with Harrison Ford   Roberta with Harrison Ford


Roberta with Fred Willard at Special Events "Montage Hotel"

 Roberta with Fred Willard


Women in Film Emmy Breakfast.
Roberta with Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey)

 Roberta with Hugh Bonneville


Red Carpet